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full spectrum cbd in Pittsburgh

Full Spectrum CBD in Pittsburgh Featuring: Tinctures, Topicals, Capsules, Gummies, CBD Skin Care, Pre Rolls & More.

Tahoe CBD Carries Broad Spectrum Tinctures (Zero THC) for People That Do Not Want Any THC At All.

Full Spectrum CBD in Pittsburgh for Your Pets! Tahoe CBD Carries a Full Line of CBD Products for Your Pets!

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Full Spectrum CBD in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Tahoe CBD is 100% Vertically Integrated from Seed to Shelf. We oversee the quality of our seeds that go into the ground at the farm; complete inspections throughout the grow cycle, insure that everything is 100% organically grown, and manage harvesting techniques. Our farm is located in Southern Oregon where the weather and elevation is the perfect combination for growing Industrial Hemp.

We superintend all phases of our extraction methods, conduct in house lab results prior to sending our products to third party labs for final testing. Every product that Tahoe CBD, Inc. produces is accompanied with current 3rd party Certificate of Analysis (COA) upon request. Why is a COA so important? A COA can answer the following questions: Is it even a CBD product? If so what is
the actual strength? Are there pesticides or heavy metals? Are the THC levels actually below 0.3%? What other terpenes and cannabinoids are in the product? A COA contains all this information and much more. Get Free Shipping for All Our Full Spectrum CBD in Pittsburgh. 

Certificate of Analysis

We are proud of our products; ask us for our COA’s, we will explain them to you. Read it carefully; remember it’s your body and you should know exactly what you are putting into it! The bottom line is if you make a purchase from any CBD company and they can’t produce a current third party lab report from a reputable lab that means that the company that you are purchasing from has no idea of what they are selling.

Jack Young has owned and operated Tahoe CBD, Inc. as President and Founder since 2013. Jack is a hand’s on type of guy and cares deeply about the products that he produces. He has stayed abreast of this ever changing industry and remains on the cutting-edge of today’s modern technology. Jack is not afraid to try new things if he sees there is an area for improvement.  We always take the extra step in certifying that you as the user of our products are getting the best products that the CBD world is offering. We stay current and are second to none regarding the best organic farming techniques and extraction methods in the lab. Our lab is GMP Certified ensuring you that our products are produced in a clean and safe environment.

Full Spectrum CBD in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. CBD Tinctures Pro
Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures in Pittsburgh

our cbd products

Tahoe CBD sells the Best Full Spectrum CBD in Pittsburgh at the best Prices! We strive to bring you the best products while keeping your costs down. There are a lot of CBD products on the market and when you stumble upon a price that appears to be too good to be true there is usually a reason. We are a no nonsense company and give you, the end user, a product that we are proud of. We are straight forward, transparent and sell exactly what we say we are selling.

Tahoe CBD. Inc. is focused on Full Spectrum Products because it has been proven in many circles that Full Spectrum CBD is a far better product than Isolate CBD Products. At Tahoe CBD, Inc. we understand that in some circumstances our clients are simply to unsure about using a product that contains minimum amounts of THC, therefore we have created a Broad Spectrum Product that contains ZERO THC. In creating this Broad Spectrum Product we have ensured that we have put back in as many of the cannabinoids as possible minus the THC.

We carry a full array of CBD products and are continuing to create new products as new ideas come about. We have stayed away from products that we feel are gimmicks, and pretty much stayed the course with items that seem to actually work. To give an example we stayed away from CBD patches, why would we limit the area of where a CBD patch can be applied, we feel that a topical salve can address the affected area, depending where you apply the Topical Salve, essentially treating just the affected area.

NEW CBG OIL IN Pittsburgh now!

full spectrum cbd in Pittsburgh

Full Spectrum CBD in Pittsburgh, Erie, Buffalo, Washington, D. C., Alexandria, Baltimore, Rochester, Allentown, Richmond, Philadelphia, Syracuse & The Surrounding Areas. CBG Oil is Here!

Pets are part of the family. We are not just interested in helping you; we are also concerned about your pets. As pet owners we hate to see our animals suffer in any way. Once again we didn’t get into anything that we feel won’t work for your pets; we stayed with tinctures and capsules as they seem to get the best results.

“Tahoe CBD Online Store offers the Best Products & Best Prices Guaranteed” Tahoe CBD, Inc. is proud to present our following products: CBG Oil Tinctures, Full Spectrum Tinctures 300 mg – 3000 mg, Topical Salves, Topical Spray, Gummies 10 & 25 mg, Capsules 10 & 25 mg, 100 mg Bath Bombs, Pet-Vet Formulas, Cooking / Baking and Food Additives, Hemp Pre-rolls, Hemp Flower, CBD Vape Additives, CBD Cartridges. Broad Spectrum Tinctures (Zero THC)

Pre Roll Full Spectrum CBD in Pittsburgh

Free Shipping, that’s right Free Shipping in Pittsburgh has always been our mission. We will ship anywhere in the continental United States for free and that’s our way of saying thank you for your order. We stand behind our products 100% and want you to be comfortable ordering from us.

Full Spectrum CBD in [locatiuon], Moisturizing Body Lotion
Full Spectrum CBD in Pittsburgh, CBG Oil Tinctures

We stand behind Our Full Spectrum CBD in Pittsburgh, Erie, Buffalo, Washington, D. C., Alexandria & the Surrounding Areas. Order Your Full Spectrum CBD Now with Confidence. New CBG Oil Tinctures Have Arrived! go to: CBG Oil Here

CBD Skin Care, Full Spectrum CBD in Pittsburgh

Tahoe CBD is proud to introduce our new collection of Full Spectrum CBD Skin Care products. Every skin care product that we created has been well thought out regarding each and every component we utilized in our products. OurCBD products that we are introducing include: Tahoe CBD Anti-Aging Serum, Daily Rejuvenating Cream, Renewal Serum, Hydrating Night Cream, Rejuvenating Eye Cream, and Moisturizing Body Lotion.

From Seed to Shelf: The Bud Bionics & Tahoe CBD Story

Back in the early 1970’s the Young family dabbled in growing cannabis. We continued to try to obtain the best products for that time. A close family friend returned home from Asia after he was introduced to growing with Microbes, the concept enchanted us very much, especially after seeing his finished harvest. The idea of putting live beneficial microbes into the soil to eradicate the harmful bacteria and replacing it with beneficial bacteria seemed like a no brainer. After years of Research and Development we perfected, patented and trademarked our product that we call “Bud Bionics” Microbial Soil Enhancer.

Bud Bionics has been a great success with farmers across the country, not only does Bud Bionics create healthier plants, it also produces a much higher yield! Tahoe CBD, Inc practices only Organic farming techniques.  At this point we decided to get back into farming on a much larger scale and started growing Industrial Hemp. Recognizing that our Industrial Hemp was far superior in size and potency after our first harvest. We then decided it was time for us to get into manufacturing finished CBD Products. We brought in State of the Art CBD Processing Technology on sight to the farm creating an outstanding CBD oil that is second to none. From there we concentrated on putting our GMP certified lab together to facilitate our finished CBD products.

As you can see Tahoe CBD, Inc. has one of the largest array of CBD products in the country. Tahoe CBD is happy to offer a 30 day return policy because our products are the best and they rarely ever get returned.  Tahoe CBD, Inc. is truly a Seed to Shelf company, and we oversee every phase of our 100% Organic growth cycle, processing our CBD oil and finally the actual manufacturing of our products. All of our products undergo 3rd party testing prior to sending anything from our facility.

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Jack Young CEO
Bud Bionics / Tahoe CBD Inc.

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Get Your Full Spectrum CBD in Pittsburgh Now! We Ship anywhere in the USA for Free! Full Spectrum Tinctures, Capsules, Gummies, Cartridges, Pre Rolls, Topicals, Pet CBD & More! We also carry a a Broad Spectrum Tincture in a 500mg & 1000mg for those of you who want ZERO THC. Full Spectrum CBD in Pittsburgh, Arlington, Hays, Larimer, Camden, Gregg, Morgan, Pierce, Center, Pinehurst, Larimer & The Surrounding Areas. Free Shipping to Pittsburgh now!


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